Monday, March 24, 2014

Easiest Lampshade Make-Over Ever

I searched & searched for a lampshade for Addy girl's room.  I had no idea how expensive lamps & lampshades could be if you were looking for a particular thing.  I knew I wanted something pink & frilly.  I found this at a baby store in town...
I thought the lamp was just beautiful.  How much?  Oh just $330.  Uhh what?  Yes, $330.  And no, I didn't misplace any decimal points.  In this beautiful lamp's defense, it is slightly larger than my lamp & does hang from the ceiling.  Fancy.  I, however, was determined to have something a little $300 cheaper.  I had found a lamp that I wanted at World Market, but it was black with a very plain lampshade for about $30 total.  Quick fix?  Spray paint.  Lamps are one of the easiest things to spray paint.  I spray painted it a cream color to match the nursery.

Above is the before picture of the lamp & below is the after.
For the lampshade, I knew I wanted something similar to Beautiful Lamp pictured above.  I went shopping for some fabric at...where else?  Hobby Lobby.  I found some beautiful bunched flowery fabric for $12.99 a yard that was 30% off.  Fabric very rarely goes more than 30% off, so I snatched it up.  It was about $10 or so.  I measured around the lampshade to see how much fabric I would need & cut it a little longer to crease it together.  I also made the top & the bottom a little longer (like an inch tops) so that I could cover all the edges of the lampshade.  After everything was cut, I wrapped the fabric around the lamp & folded the two ends together to make a seam like you can see below.  This seam faces the wall, so you can never see it, but because of the way the fabric is made, you can hardly even notice the seam if you could see it.  I glued the fabric together using just a regular hot glue gun. 
I then took the top & bottom edges & glued them down to the inside of the lampshade so that the fabric covered all edges of the lampshade.
This is what the finished lampshade looked like.  Sorry for the horrible lighting.  

And a shot of the entire renovated lamp & how it looks in Addy girl's room.  It can be really hard to find a lamp & lampshade that you love that is also affordable.  The lamp, lampshade & fabric cost around $40 & I was able to personalize it to match the theme & colors in Addy's room.  And it took no time at all to get done.  So next time you come across a cute lamp with a super ugly lampshade for a great price, don't be afraid to take it home with you.  Just know that a beautiful lampshade can await you with a little bit of fabric & even less time.  Happy crafting. : )


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