Friday, March 14, 2014

Shadow Box Hair Bow Holder

So we have talked about the nursery mural, baby mobile & glider, the other projects for Addy girl's room were a good bit smaller.  At one of my showers, I received a shadow box.  It was cute, but didn't really go with the nursery theme.  I decided to use it to make a hair bow holder for Addy's bows.  I didn't know then that Addy would have very little hair until around 2 yrs of age & would pretty much hate bows in general.

Anyway, I took the things that were in the shadow box out so that it was completely empty as you can see below.
 I took one of the gift bags from my baby showers & cut it out the size of the backing of the shadow box.  I then taped that background to the back of the shadow box.
I had some of the scrapbook paper left from the mural and the baby mobile, so I traced a wooden letter that I had gotten guessed it...Hobby Lobby.  I then glued the scrapbook paper onto the wooden letter.

 I took the invitation from one of my baby showers & took the cute flower off of it & taped it to the background of the shadow box & placed the scrapbook covered letter in there too.  I put tape on the back of the letter as well to keep it up against the background, even though once the shadowbox was closed back up, nothing really moved.
 Whenever I see ribbon that is on clearance, if it looks remotely like something I could use in the future, I snatch it up.  I have a lot of ribbon.  I used some polka dotted pink & green ribbon & stapled it to the back of the shadow box using the same upholstery stapler that I used when I was recovering the glider.
 I stapled the ribbon to the bottom of the shadowbox so that it hung & we could put the hair bows onto the hanging ribbon.  I also stapled additional ribbon to the top of the shadowbox so that I could tie it together to hang.  My mom had given me a cute wooden hanger that you could hang a coat, towel, etc. on.  It matched the nursery perfectly, but I wasn't sure what in the world I would hang on it in the nursery.  So I nailed it into the wall & used the ribbons attached to the top of the shadowbox to tie a bow.  I then hung my new shadowbox hair box holder onto the hanger & I was all done.  All that was left was to put up the flowers & the bows.
 This is the finished project before the bows were stuck on.
 Here is a close-up of the inside of the shadow box & the hanger.
Here is a picture of the finished project holding all of Addy's flowers for her headbands & her bows.  This project didn't cost me any money & did not take long to make at all.  If you have a cute picture or print or painting in the nursery & you really want something to hold hair bows, you can attach ribbon the same way to the bottom of your frames & use them as a hair bow holder.  There are all sorts of ways to make hair bow holders, so don't be afraid to think outside of the (shadow)box.  : )  

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