Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chick Cupcakes

For my dessert table for Easter, I knew I wanted lots of goodies.  The hubby said I was making way too much & he was right, but can you really ever have enough sweets?  Besides, the extras worked perfectly for me to bring to Admin Professionals Day yesterday for our sweet legal assistant.  : )  So in addition to the flower cupcakes, bird's nests & the store-bought cookies & candies...I decided to make some chick cupcakes.  They were pretty easy, since they were essentially the same as my Duck Cupcakes that I have made before. 
I started with regular cupcakes made with Golden Yellow cake mix.  I added in yellow food coloring (I prefer the gel coloring) into the cream cheese icing, until it was the color I was going for. 
I poured my yellow crystalized sugar into a bowl.
I then frosted the tops of the cupcakes & dipped them in the crystalized sugar to look like the cupcake below.
These were actually much simpler than the duck cupcakes that I made previously, because they were flat & I didn't have to make their little bodies.  I added little brown M&M minis for the eyes & cut up an orange Airhead to made the beak.  I will say that I love using the Airheads for things like the beaks because they are easy to mold, but usually by the next day, they kinda melt so it almost looks like the chick is screaming.  It's weird.  Anyway....
I thought about trying to make the little chick sings with icing, but I am just not neat enough, so I used the same marshmallow technique that I learned while making the flower cupcakes & cut a mini-marshmallow in half diagonally & tossed it in yellow crystalized sugar & used those as the little chick wings. 
A group of baby chicks...which I googled & apparently you can call a cluck of chicks or a peep of chicks.  How cute.  ; ) 

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

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