Monday, November 24, 2014

Wine & Cheese Please

I'm sorry I have been so MIA & haven't been posting.  We had 2 trials in 3 weeks & another that was supposed to go next week.  Between that, a toddler & a 4 month old who has had the enterovirus, double ear infections, & RSV in a span of a month...things have been CRAZY.  And crazy reminds me of wine... : )  So here is a little wine & cheese party I threw when we had some people over for our fantasy football drafts earlier this Fall.
When I was still pregnant, I kept telling Steve how one night after the baby was born & I got the ok to drink again, I wanted to just stuff my face with cheese & drink wine.  Well, that night finally came & it was magical.  : )  We had a handful of friends over & I set out many reds & whites & lots of cheese.  The good thing about a wine party was that I already had everything that I needed for set up...wooden cutting boards & candles sitting on top of wine corks.  I love using wooden cutting boards as serving trays.  I like the way the wood looks with all my wine corks...and all my wine too, of course.  And having a husband in the wine biz means we rarely have a shortage of wine or wine corks, so I have them all around as decoration. 
Oh still my heart.  For cheese, we had slices of Irish cheddar, French emmental, imported fontina and Holland gouda.  We also had giant chunks of asiago, Havarti, sharp cheddar & something called "beer cheese".  I'm not sure exactly what it was but it was from Sam's Club & it was delicious.  For meats, we had Pepperoni, prosciutto, salami wrapped mozzarella...this was a party tray from Sam's Club & was delicious.  I also had slices of salami, pepperoni, prosciutto & soppressata.  I tossed out some grain crackers & a tiny little loaf of pumpernickel bread out too, along with some magno chutney, whole grain mustard & a little mayo in case anyone wanted to make some mini-sandwiches.  I don't believe in wine & cheese without fruit & sweets, so we also had strawberries, grapes & 3 types of brownies.  I have to say, I kinda wish I could eat this spread every day.  : )  Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you all get to enjoy a little wine with lots of love & family. 

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