Diaper Cakes

How to Make a Diaper Cake (See Below for Pics & Links to my Diaper Cakes)
First up, the fun part.  Decide what your party theme will be & go shopping for super cute things to you want to make your diaper cake out of.  Next up, the not so fun part...rolling up the diapers.  Find something round that you can use as your base, like a plastic serving platter or something similar.  I have made other diaper cakes & not used a base.  It sucks when you are trying to transport it to the shower & it sucks for the new mom to try & get it back home with her.  Even if you cut a circle from a cardboard box or something, try & have a base to keep your diaper cake stable & portable.

Make sure you have lots of rubber bands.  You can go the dollar store & get a whole bunch of them for $1.  That's what I do & I can use the same pack of rubber bands for multiple diaper cake.  The good thing about the ones that I got from the Dollar Tree is that they come in different sizes, which is perfect for the diaper cakes.  I roll up each individual diaper & then group them together in groups of about 6 & put a rubber band around them.  After placing those groups on the tray, I put more rubber bands around different sections to make sure it is secure.  Then I use the largest rubber band I had to put around the entire thing.  Then I make the next two tiers & put them on top.

 I stick to pretty similar patterns in building these diaper cakes.  For the bottom layer, I either wrap blankets or hooded towels around.  In the seams or spaces where the blankets or towels meet each other, I will put a bib or wash cloth or something.  I attach everything using stick pins.  I use the stick pins with the balls on top because they are easier to locate when you are taking the diaper cake back apart to use. 

For the second layer, I usually do bibs all the way around or either burb clothes, depending on how much stuff I found in the patterns/themes I was looking for.  For the top layer, I use either baby hats, washcloths or a burb cloth.  I pretty much always top the diaper cake with some sort of stuffed animal, mostly because I think they are adorable.  After the diaper cake is assembled, I go back & add in any socks, mittens, toys, letters, ribbons, etc. as extra decorations.  Inevitably you are probably going to have a few bibs or washcloths or something that doesn't match the theme of your diaper cake.  You will probably also have some extra diapers.  I usually just throw them into a basket or a gift bag to give to the new mom along with her other presents.  Anyway, here are some of the finished products with a link to their specific pages.  Happy Diaper Cake making! : ) 

Bee Diaper Cake

Ahoy! It's a Boy! Nautical Diaper Cake

Pink Diamond Damask Diaper Cake

Duck & Elephant Diaper Cake

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