Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Will It Bee? - Thank You Favors & Guestbook

So along with the corny food names that you saw in the party food post, I also love corny little poems.  If you ever found my book of middle school poems I wrote, you would laugh your face off.  My husband almost died when he came across it.  Anyway, on the table with the favors & the diaper cake, I wanted to include an unofficial guestbook for Ba-Bee White for everyone to sign & write little messages in.  I searched for a cute bee book.  As seemed to be the theme with this shower, it was not easy to find.  The closest I could find was "Because a Little Bug went Ka-CHOO!"  No clue what that bug actually is & it probably isn't a bee, but oh well.  That's what we went with.  I had some leftover scrapbook from my banners I made, so I used it to make a backing for my "poems".  I had some black frames around the house, so I just temporarily removed the photo & taped in the scrapbook paper with the little poem written in.  It was a fun little way for everyone to have the space to write what they wanted to & will be a great little memento for Ba-Bee White to keep on the baby bookshelf. 

In case you can't read that little gem above, it says "Everyone is buzzing about meeting Baby White, But let's stop for a moment to share and write, A welcome wish or a simple hello there, A hope, a dream or how much you care. Please write on the front, the back or the pages, Something that Ba-Bee White can treasure through the ages".

Beautiful right?  Haha.

Also on the table with the guestbook was the diaper cake and the favors.  The downloadable party printable set I had bought on Etsy included Thank You cards.  Since I had already used my favor tags to decorate the food table, I decided to tie the Thank You cards to the favors.  I just hole punched them & tied them to the jars with some cute ribbon.  Speaking of the jars, as a way to say, 'Thank you for buzzing by!", I went with mason jars filled with cookie mix.  I had seen the idea on Bakerella (here) & thought it was pretty cute.  This was not the best project for me since it required a lot of measuring of ingredients to get the layers right.  I did the best I could & just kept the worst looking jar & hid it in the pantry.  Everyone who has made the cookies has given great reports, so I guess I didn't do too bad of a job with the measuring.  I didn't include the pecans because I don't know who might die of a nut allergy & I didn't want to chance going down for involuntary manslaughter over some nuts.  : )  Before closing the jars, I put some bee fabric on top.  After tying the Thank You's to the jars, I was all done.  I typically like favors that you can either eat or drink, so this is a pretty good option.  Especially if you like measuring...a lot.

Here is a shot of the entire gift/favor/guestbook table. : )
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