Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Will It Bee? - Diaper Cake

So as I mentioned in the main "What Will It Bee?" party post...finding bee things was not as simple as I had originally thought.  So many yellow things involve ducks, not bees.  But, I was able to find some yellow & white blankets, some bee baby hats, black & white striped hats, some black & white socks, & some yellow socks to make my diaper cake with.  I had a little better luck with finding a bee stroller toy, bee teethers (full disclaimer, one may actually be a dragonfly, please keep our secret), bee fingernail clippers & a bee wrist rattle (whatever that is). 

So I started with my usual diaper base that you can see on my Diaper Cakes page.  This cake was a little different since I couldn't find as much stuff that I wanted to match.  So instead of folding the blanket into a slim, long line & wrapping it around the cake (which usually takes two blankets to get around the entire cake), I covered the bottom layer of the cake with the blanket.  I separated the tiers, spread the blanket out & wrapped up the bottom layer.  I put the middle of the blanket under the bottom tier & wrapped up so that the edges came together on top of that bottom layer.  I then pinned them down & placed the middle tier so that it covered up my edges.  Corners were created when I folded the blanket up, so I just tucked them in the best I could & used a baby hat to pin over them.  So my bottom layer was one big blanket, with about 5 baby hats pinned around it. 
 The middle layer was small enough that I could fold a blanket up & put it all the way around.  I folded a receiving blanket in half 4 times long ways so it can cover all the way around the second tier.  For the top tier, I did the same thing with a striped yellow & white burp cloth.  I pinned everything on with stick pins & then added on the baby socks, teethers, etc.  I loved this ribbon, so I added it, as well as a black W that I thought the Whites could just hang around their house somewhere.  I topped the cake off with the bee & I was all done.  Although it was not that easy to find the stuff for this cake, I did enjoy making it & putting the cute little extras on it...even the dragonfly. : )
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