Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boy Meets World - Sip & See Party

One of my dear friends from law school & her family live in Boston.  They are the friends who I had the "What Will it Bee?" gender reveal party for.  Little Nolan was set to arrive in October, but surprised everyone in August.  Because they live so far away, they weren't able to come visit until the Spring.  All of their friends down South were so excited to meet him, so I knew we wanted to make the day a special occasion.  I thought that a Sip & See party would be the perfect party for everyone to come see Natalie & Jim & meet baby Nolan.  I decided on the theme "Boy Meets World".  Now some of you of my generation may be disappointed that no, this "Boy Meets World" theme does not involve the awesome 90s show with Corey & Topanga, but a vintage travel theme instead (although I will be the first to admit that show was a classic & one of my favorites).  : )

This first thing I drug out for this party were the vintage suitcases that I found at Steve's great aunt's house.  I had used the wooden blue one at the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" Baby shower. & loved how it looked.  I put it on one corner of the table & the green suitcase on the other.  I left the wooden suitcase closed & placed a globe & one of the dishes on there.  I used the green suitcase to fill with pastries.  
I chose to keep the party indoors since Nolan was still so young, it was going to be a whole-day affair & the weather that day was supposed to be unpredictable.  So, to my terrible dining room lighting we went.  In looking at pictures of that room, I think I am going to ask Santa to bring me some better lighting for that room.  I gotta be able to take better pics. : )

This party was during a very busy time with me for work, so I kept the decorations minimal. I used the suitcases & the world globe that I had around the house.  I took a frame from around my house & filled it with an old world map out of a vintage atlas book that I found at a thrift store for around $1 or $2.  This atlas book has been great for parties & for my old window project that you can see here.  There is a great old-world look to the maps.  

I also bought a few sheets of vintage map scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby in tans & blues.  I used one of the sheets to cover an "N" for baby Nolan.  
I used the rest of the scrapbook paper to make a simple banner that read "Boy Meets World".  I used a simple pennant shape & the same stencil letters that I use for pretty much all of my banners.  I used some leftover white rope from the Ahoy! It's a Boy!" Baby shower. banners.  Then I just pinned the banner inside the green vintage suitcase where I had the pastries. 
This was another one of our all-day parties, so we started with brunch food & then just grilled out later.  We enjoyed muffins, bagels, doughnuts (especially Boston Creme Pie doughnuts in honor of our Boston visitors), brownies, quiche, two breakfast casseroles, a fruit pizza & the bacon cream cheese crescent rolls I told you I was obsessed with on the Super Bowl post.  We also had a baseball cake & baseball cupcakes in honor of the first little boy to join our group & in honor of the Red Sox for our Boston peeps.  

It was a wonderful fun-filled day with lots of food, laughs & memories.  Now if only it was full of great lighting for pictures... : ) Happy weekend guys! 

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