Friday, June 6, 2014

Angel Food Cake with Beer Macerated Strawberries

For my grandfather's 90th birthday, I did a Vintage Beer Themed Dessert table.  One of the desserts I made was an Angel Food Cake with Beer Macerated Strawberries.  
 Of course I took to Pinterest for some ideas.  I found this recipe for Grilled Angel Food Cake with Beer Macerated Strawberries from The Beeroness & used it as my inspiration since I wasn't going to have access to a grill.  
 I used a box mix to make this Angel Food Cake because I have never made angel food cake & had no clue where to start.  It turned out just fine, especially since I was just cutting it up anyway.  The morning of the party, I cut up a quart of strawberries.  I put half in one bowl & half in another.  In one bowl, I just added 1/3 a cup of sugar (this is for those that might not want beer in every dessert, I know, what are they thinking?).  In the other bowl, I added the same 1/3 cup of sugar, but I also added in 1/4 a cup of beer.  The recipe linked above says to use Belgian or pale ale.  As pregnant as I am & toting a toddler, I was not about to buy beer in the grocery store, so I used the most reasonable beer I could find in the hubby's man garage fridge.  I wound up using a blueberry beer.  It worked out fine.  Everyone who tried it came back for more, so I guess that is a good sign.  I just had the regular macerated strawberries & they were delicious too.  I topped them both with a little whipped cream & it was quite the tasty treat.  Now here are some really bright, not very clear pictures for you.  : )  

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