Monday, September 1, 2014

Nautical Nursery Curtain Rods

So you saw in one of the Nautical Nursery posts that I made some Nautical Curtains for the room.  I also made some Nautical Curtain Rods for the nursery, which was one of the easiest projects & one of my favorite.  It started with these nautical rope balls from Hobby Lobby.  They are ordinarily $5.99...but like most things at Hobby Lobby, they went on sale for 50% off so I bought 4 of them for $2.99 a piece.  Here is what the balls looked like.  The outsides are rope & the insides are a neutral Styrofoam type material...which was perfect for what I had in mind.   
 I bought the most inexpensive curtain rods at Lowe's.  These were seriously less than $5 a piece.  So between the 4 balls & the 2 curtain rods, I only had about $22 invested in these curtain rods.  As you saw in the last post on Nautical curtains, they were only $18 plus another $5 for the hem tape.  So $45 for two sets of curtains.  Me likey.
 So what did I do with these nautical balls & curtain rods?  Well I purposefully bought the curtain rods that were pointed on the ends.  It helped that they were also the cheaper ones, but the points were purposeful.  I literally poked a hole into the ball with the curtain rod.  To get a maximum hold, I pulled the rod back out after making the hole & stuck some gorilla glue in there before putting the rod back into the hole.
 Here is the finished curtain rods.  I really loved this project.  It was so easy & cheap.  Can't beat that. : )

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