Monday, October 13, 2014


Labor Day was Baby P's first holiday, so it felt only right to have a BaByQ.  'What's that'? you ask? Oh, just a BBQ honoring a baby of course. ; )  This was actually two days of celebrations where we had friends over Sunday night & family over on Monday, which was really nice because we had 2 parties & one setup.  Legit.  

So of course I did my OCD faux setup before the party started.  Usually I start this a couple of weeks in advance if I can, but this party was thrown together in a couple of hours just because of time.  I went with gingham, wood, stone & white as my patterns.  I love cast iron pots & wood & gingham both feel very BBQish.  The white I went with mostly out of necessity.  I set up all the serving dishes I needed & arranged them until they fit & looked ok on the table.  You know I love decorating with a crate, so I threw that up there too.  I decided to turn the table & put it in front of the old window (see that project here) I have hanging in my kitchen.  I decided the window would be cute to hang a little banner from.  There is also a little chalkboard that I write my menus for the week on that I thought I could write our BBQ menu on.  Disclaimer: once I write my weekly menu out on that usually stays that way for months, but it is the perfect cover for me to look like I am really on top of things. ; )

I wanted to make a large banner & a small banner.  I used my little cutouts sheet of letters for the small letters & my larger cardboard cutouts set for the large letters.

The gingham scrapbook paper came from Hobby Lobby.  These banners were nothing fancy because of my time crunch.  I used brown cardstock to trace the letters & brown ribbon leftover from my Boy Meets World banner.  I hung the large banner across the window & the small banner reading "Peyton" across the crate.

I love a good little chalkboard for menus.  I need one that can sit on a table by itself, but I haven't graduated to anything that fancy yet. ; )

I tied burlap & gingham ribbons around the different serving pieces & around the mason jars holding the candles. 
The last addition were some flowers on sale at the grocery store.  Sometimes you just need a bouquet of flowers to make a party table & this was one of those occasions. 
For the BaByQ, we served BBQ, baked beans, salad, chips, fruit, rolls & cookies...ala the traditional BBQ menu.  Everything was delicious & pretty easy & it was really wonderful to spend time celebrating the holiday & baby P with our family & friends. 

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