Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Party Cheeseball

As I mentioned in my posts about the What Will It Be? gender reveal party, I love to make cheeseballs.  In the post about the What Will It Be? party food, you got to see my bee cheeseball.  I had revamped the bee cheeseball a little bit by doubling the recipe below to make a big bee & not rolling the cheeseball in chili powder at the end like I usually do.  I just mixed some of the chili powder (2-3 tablespoons) with the rest of the cheeseball mix instead.  I have made cheeseballs that look like turkeys, pumpkins, footballs (See the Super Bowl post here, complete with football cheeseball), owls, superman shields, etc.  Sometimes I don't roll or cover in the chili powder because I want to keep the color orange (like for the pumpkin) or I make it into a different shape (like for the football) or I add whole pecans to the outside of the cheeseball (like for the owl & turkey).  There are so many things that you can do to a cheeseball to make it unique & make it fit with your party theme.  But the below cheeseball is pretty awesome for those dinner parties or tailgate parties where you just want to eat a cheeseball.  I hope you enjoy!

Party Cheeseball

 2 cups of sharp shredded cheddar cheese
16 oz of cream cheese (2 standard bars)
1/2 cups pecans, chipped
2-3 tablespoons of Worchestershire sauce
2-3 tablespoons of garlic powder
2-3 tablespoons of onion powder
enough chili powder to coat the ball

Take all of the ingredients besides the chili powder & mix together & roll into a ball.  The spices all say 2-3 tablespoons, because it really just depends on what you like tastewise.  I actually don't measure spices, ever.  I shake.  I do enough shakes to cover the top of the cream cheese once it is mixed into a bowl.  I like lots of flavor, so I shake a lot.  Roll the ball in chili powder.  Tada!  You're done.  Refrigerate overnight to make sure it firms up.  Take out about 20-30 mins before you want to serve it so it will be soft enough to eat with crackers.  I serve Wheat Thins with the cheeseball, original flavor & the sundried tomato kind, but you can't really go wrong with this as long as the crackers are delicious.  Yum.


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