Thursday, March 27, 2014

Superhero Baby Shower

One of our friends/co-workers Kyle & his wife were expecting a baby so we decided to give them a baby shower at work.  This presented some difficulty because I have never had a shower or party not at my house, where I could decorate at will.  This was also my first true co-party planning project.  My friend/co-worker Luci also loves planning parties & is totally amazing at it.  We decided to come together & make the work baby shower as awesome as possible, considering we were still going to be at work. : )  

Kyle loves comic books so we decided a Superhero Baby Shower would be appropriate.  I have to show y'all the most amazing backdrop that I cannot take one ounce of credit for.  Luci also happens to be artistic & cut out our city skyline, including our Statehouse grounds where we work.  It then had the baby superhero flying above.  It was so awesome.  She is apparently amazing with an exacto knife.  How incredible is that?  I think I would have cut my finger off.  One day, I only hope to achieve city skyline building skills.  
I can't build a skyline, so I had to stick to my cheeseball making & banner skills.  You can find my cheeseball recipe here.  I made this cheeseball mix the same way, but didn't roll it into a ball.  Instead, I made into the closest shape I could find to a superman shield & put it in the freezer for about half an hour.  I then took it out & cut the edges a little better to make the shield shape.  I also didn't cover it in chili powder like I usually do because I wanted to keep it's light color so you could see the G.  They were naming their little boy Gavin, so I cut up red peppers & used them to outline the shield & make a G in the middle.

For the banner, I wanted to use the superman shield as my "shape".  We had decided to stick to primary colors & use red, blue & yellow for the party colors.  I found an example of a shield online & traced it onto the primary colored cardstock paper that I had bought at Hobby Lobby.  Unlike a lot of my other banners, I didn't use any patterned scrapbook, but just alternated colors instead.  For the edges of the banner & the "shield' in between "Welcome" & "Gavin", I used some comic book pictures that Luci had found online.  Sorry for the awful picture.  Office lighting is pretty terrible.
Luci also printed off these great little signs to put on top of the cupcakes & some super cute tabletoppers.  They have this & a lot of great ideas regarding superhero parties on Pinterest.  Luci also used the same comic book pictures to decoupage the cupcake stand.  They looked awesome. 

Luci also saw this awesome idea on Pinterest.  You take tootsie roll pops & make them little masks & capes.  How cute is that?  It went perfect with our theme.  Of course I had to make a diaper cake for the shower, which you can see on the Superhero Diaper Cake post or on the Diaper Cakes page.  

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