Monday, April 7, 2014

Look Whoo is 1! Owl Cheeseball

So you may have heard about my love of making cheeseballs on the post about my Party Cheeseball.  In case you haven't heard, I love making cheeseballs.  Cheese is probably my favorite food & if I can eat it in most any variety, I probably will...including eating it as a ball...or as in this an owl.  : )   For this cheeseball, I took my regular cheeseball recipe that you can find "here" and I doubled it.  I rolled it into a big ball shape, rolled the ball into chili powder, but then flattened down the bottom of the ball to make it sit flat & added on what I believed to look like owl ears.  I then sprinkled more chili powder on top to cover the ears.  For the owl "chest feathers", I took almonds & stuck them into the cheeseball.  Tip: make sure the cheeseball is still out & room temperature when sticking in the almonds or they will break off.  Refrigerate the entire owl cheeseball after assembling everything, including the almond feathers.  For the eyes, they are circles of cream cheese with orange M&Ms stuck in the middle.  I couldn't figure out what would look normal as owl eyes & I had some M&Ms for the owl cupcakes, so I just decided to use them here too.  I think the little guy turned out pretty cute & he was a great little centerpiece.  I served him with some wheat thins. 

Showing off his side profile.
The little guy & the owl cake were the stars of the show...besides the birthday girl of course.  ; )

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