Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pink Diamond Damask Baby Shower Banner

As you saw in the main Pink Diamond Damask Baby Shower post, I went with a light pink & then black & white damask as my main theme.  I just wanted it to be sparkly & girly.  I immediately started working on a banner for the party.  Luckily, I had some black & white scrapbook paper & my ribbons leftover from the Bee gender reveal party a few months before.  I also had some pink scrapbook paper leftover from Addy's nursery.  I went to Hobby Lobby & bought some adhesive rhinestones & adhesive pearls (the same ones I later used for Addy's Pink & Pearl baptism party) to finish up the banner.  I also bought some thin light pink ribbons to put with my black & white ribbons to tie all of the letters together.  

I wanted the banner shapes to be sort of diamond shaped, but not so rigid.  I'm not sure exactly what shape you would call this, but I just played around with it on construction paper until I decided I liked whatever shape that may be.  I cut out enough shapes in the black & pink construction paper & then added in the alternating pink patterned/black & white patterned scrapbook pages that I had cut out in smaller versions of the same shape.  I then used the same letter stencils that I use for pretty much all of my banners in the same color as the construction paper.  

As you can see with most of the banners I make for my parties, I really love to alternate scrapbook papers for the different letters.  I usually alternate colors too, unless I want to keep it very simple, like the one for Addy's baptism party.  I used the adhesive pearls & rhinestones on the tips of my diamond-like shapes.  I just alternated those like I alternated the colors.  I typically group together two different ribbons to tie the letters together & alternate which two ribbons I use, which is what I did for this banner.  I really liked how it turned out, especially the extra pizzazz the pearl & rhinestones added. 
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