Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pink Diamond Damask Diaper Cake

When I was preparing for the Pink Diamond Damask Baby Shower, of course I had to do a diaper cake.  I wanted the diaper cake to match the theme of the party & I will tell you, damask is not an easy pattern to locate in your normal baby stores.  So to Etsy I went & found a beautiful damask blanket & bibs at the MickeyandGrace Etsy shop.  I bought a link pink baby set at one of the usual baby store suspects & bought the cute pink lamb that went with Baby Girl's bedding set.  

You can see on my Diaper Cakes page how I make the base of pretty much all of my diaper cakes.  I did this diaper cake the same way.  I wrapped the damask baby blanket around the bottom layer & then added in some smaller pink burb clothes on the sides.  I attached everything together using stick pins.  For the second layer, I wrapped a light pink receiving blanket around & attached it & then added the two bibs I had found on Etsy.  I did the top layer with a black & white burp cloth.  I topped off the cake (literally & figuratively) with the sweet little lamp that matched the bedding.  I took some of the ribbon that I had used at the Bee gender reveal party & added in some light pink ribbon.  I also added in a M initial that I had found on clearance before A.C. Moore went out of business.  

I loved how sweet the diaper cake turned out & that it matched the theme of Baby Girl's room.  

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