Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pink Diamond Damask Baby Shower

When one of my dear friends from law school Ally (the one who can bake the amazing cakes) found out she was having a little girl, I was so excited to have her a shower.  We decided on a weekend in early Fall.  Now we are Southern, so Saturdays in the Fall are dedicated to football.  My husband & I and the majority of our friends all attended the local university, still live only a few miles away & are big fans.  Luckily, our team was playing away so we didn't have to worry about going to the actual game.  We still had to watch our game & the other games too though.  So we decided that a 10 a.m. brunch would be the best way to start the shower.  That way we could enjoy the shower & everyone stay & spend the day watching football...which is what we did.  I think everyone stayed until close to midnight.  We made a day of it for sure.  It was a lot of fun.  

Now you all know I love to pick out a theme for a party.  They had picked out a beautiful nursery set for Baby Girl & I decided to use that as the inspiration.  
We did a great Southern brunch of shrimp & grits (with lots of additional cheeses & bacon/sausage toppings), fruit & dip, quiche, bacon cream cheese crescent rolls (the same delicious ones I told you about from the Super Bowl party, I told you I love them), breakfast casserole, pink lemonade & of course, we had to have dessert.  We enjoyed delicious cupcakes & a Strawberry Oreo cheesecake.  I used the "easy" Philly Oreo Cheesecake recipe found here, but changed it just a little.  I hate making pie crusts.  I'm just not good at them.  So I skipped that step & bought an Oreo pie crust.  Instead of using regular cream cheese, I inserted strawberry cream cheese so it would be pink & delicious.  I also found this amazing creation by Oreo, Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos.  They were delicious.  So I used those for the 8 Oreos you are supposed to mix into the cheesecake mix.  It was amazing. 
We weren't having a super large crowd, just a small group of close friends, so I kept the table pretty simple.  I had these candle pedestals & found the candleholders at where else?  Hobby Lobby.  The shiny pink one now sits in Addy's nursery & I used it later for Addy's Pink & Pearl Baptism Party.  The sweet frame was pink & white & said "love at first sight" & was also purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I used the damask tablecloth from the "What Will It Be?" gender reveal party & added a light pink tablecloth across the middle.  

Click here to see the Pink Diamond Damask Diaper Cake
Click here to see the Pink Diamond Damask Banner

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