Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Dessert Table

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day & weekend.  We went to the drive-in for the first time ever, spent a little time at the beach, a little time painting baby girl's nursery & a little time grilling & entertaining with friends yesterday.  Busy, but a really nice weekend. The hubby caught lots of fish when he went on his "work" fishing trip the other week so we decided to grill that when we had everyone over yesterday.  Our friends that came over all brought sides or apps & I, of course, had to make some desserts.  My sweet tooth is out of control these days.  : )  

On to the Memorial Day dessert table.  
 When I started thinking about doing a Memorial Day dessert table, I thought that the perfect place to set it up would be on a small wall in my den.  The wooden map of the US is always hanging on that wall & the table is usually decorated with a humidor, picture frames, candles, etc.  I just moved all that stuff & decorated around the map of the US.  I had the tablecloth & the paper fan decorations leftover from the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" nautical shower.  I used the white crate at that party on the guestbook table & on the Easter dessert table too.  Crates are just one of those things that are super easy to decorate with.  I have another natural colored one that you would have seen in the Vintage Beer Themed 90th birthday party post, if only the pictures wouldn't have turned out awful.  It's there though, I promise. ; )

The only things besides food that I purchased for this party were the two wooden signs that said "USA" & "America" & the cupcake liners.  Best thing...I got all of them at the Dollar Tree.  Yep, each sign was $1.  And the cupcake liners were 24 for $1.  Strange thing was...when you counted the cupcake liners, there was definitely 35, but I am not mad about receiving extra. : )  And they came with those cute little flags that are on top of the strawberries.  What a deal.  
 For desserts, I made Patriotic Strawberry Brownie Bites...


Some random twizzlers, marshmallows & blueberries to keep with the red, white & blue theme. ; ) 

And some more strawberries, marshmallows & blueberries on the other side too.  

If I throw a lot of fruit on the table with the desserts, that makes the whole thing healthy right? : )  So that was our Memorial Day Weekend.  It was a lot of fun to grill out & spend some time with our friends...and to have a day off work.  Always a good time.  A huge thank you to all of our veterans & active servicemen/women who protect us & all that we love. We are grateful for you not just on the holidays, but every day.

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