Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ahoy! It's a Boy! - Guestbook table

For the "Ahoy! It's a Boy" party, I knew I wanted something for the mom-to-be & dad-to-be to remember the party & all of the party guests.  I wanted to find a cute nautical kid's book for everyone to sign, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.  I decided to go with one of the Dr. Seuss classics, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish".  All of the guests wrote sweet little messages inside for baby Alex & his parents. 
Speaking of the guestbook, I have to say, I failed miserably in trying to get a decent picture of the guestbook table.  Here is a picture of the guestbook table with the diaper cake, but without the guestbook, banner, or the "message in a bottle".  Then below that, you can see the same table with the banner & the "message in a bottle", but without the guestbook or diaper cake.  I have no idea where my mind was when it came time to take these pics, but hopefully you can look at the two pics together & imagine what it looked like.  It was cute.  I promise.  : ) 
Here is where you can find a post about this diaper cake.  : )  The backdrop for the guestbook table was just a piece of plywood that we had in the garage.  I covered it with some fabric I had & used the same awesome upholstery stapler that I used to recover Addy's glider to stable the fabric to the back.  The fishing net had just been hanging around my parents' house.  I used some of the clear cord that I use for all of my banners to tie a loop from the fishing net, then put it behind the board.  Steve sells wine so we have the occasional crate lying around.  I had one that I spray painted white that I used to sit the diaper cake on. 

The banner was just a simple little banner that you can read more about here & the clear glass container is just filled with sand & shells & is where we kept the pens for the guestbook.  Now here is another fail of mine.  I'm sorry guys, I was kinda a mess with this party.  I made this adorable little "message in a bottle".  It was clear bottle that I found a Hobby Lobby, along with a little wooden anchor tied to it with clear cord.  I also used the rope that I used on the DIY buoys, DIY anchor & DIY life preserver & wrapped it around the top.  My intentions were to have these little pieces of paper that everyone could write on & then stick the messages in the bottle.  Very nautical, right?  When it came down to crunch time, I couldn't find any paper around my house that would work & I went with just the guestbook instead.  It made me sad because it was a cute idea, but we had a lot of people show up early for the party & we were just ready to start celebrating.  That's what it is all about right?  : )

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