Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beer & Bacon Party Decorations

You read about the delicious beer & bacon tastings & other dishes that we had at my husband's Beer & Bacon birthday party.  This party was pretty simple to decorate for, which was great because his birthday was the Sunday after Halloween where we had been trick-or-treating Friday night & tailgating & going to the football game all day/night Saturday. By Sunday, we were exhausted, but we still wanted to have over a couple of friends to celebrate Steve's birthday.
For this party, I had ordered a couple of things from Oriental Trading.  This beer garland came from there, as well as the bacon suckers.  Yes, bacon suckers.  They didn't actually taste like bacon, just sugar, but they looked like little pieces of bacon.  If you ever need an idea for a party or cheap party supplies that are super cute, you can't go wrong with Oriental Trading.

The big Harp/Guinness sign has actually been around our house for close a decade.  My husband currently works for a wine company, but many moons ago before we met, he & his roommate at the time both worked for a beer company.  Their entire house was beer themed.  Pretty standard for a male only house, am I right?  As time went on & we bought our own house & got married & had kids, the beer theme just didn't quite go with our motif, so most of the things are out in Steve's man garage.  This sign is one of those things.  It might not go with the theme of our house, but it went perfectly with the theme of this party, so I drug it inside & put it up on the table.
The "serving dishes" probably look familiar from the Wine & Cheese party & other events. I figured the cutting boards would be a great way to serve the bacon & would go well with the big Harp/Guinness sign.  The other decorations were also super easy.  I took the 6 pack holders that the beers came in & cut off the sides & back, leaving only the front & the bottom to make a little stand-up sign.  I then used some of the cardboard I had cut off to write the pairings.  It worked well as decorations & information. Can't beat that. : )

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  1. These two B’s are my favorite! I have even shortlisted some of the Los Angeles event venues for my 25th birthday this time. I will also meet my family before my birthday and I am planning to have dance party with my friends and cousins. I really liked this post a lot.