Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter bunny cupcakes

I will get back to the rest of Peyton's Baptism in the next post, but I wanted to take a timeout to talk about Easter. Last weekend we had an Easter Egg dying party & an Easter Egg Hunt for the girls & their friends.  The kids were all around the age of 3 & had a great time dying eggs, but really LOVED the Easter Egg Hunt.  

These are the highlights from last Easter... the flower cupcakeschick cupcakes & butterscotch "nests".

This year, I made the "nests" again, but instead of the flower cupcakes (which are still some of my favorite cupcakes ever), I made Easter bunny cupcakes.  
 These are super easy.  I started with yellow cake mix & made cupcakes with cream cheese icing.
 For some reason I always have a bag of regular sized marshmallows in my pantry.  It may be my obsession with smores. ; )  Anway, much like the flower cupcakes, I took the marshmallows & cut them in half diagonally.
 I missed a picture of this, but after cutting them in half, I tossed them in pink crystallized sugar.  Cutting them in half makes the cut half sticky & all of the sugar sticks to it.  Then you just stick them on the cupcake to look like bunny ears.
 Then you just take jelly beans (or a different kind of candy if you prefer, I really like the Starburst jelly beans over the regular flavored ones) & you just make little eyes & a nose.

 The rest of the table had the crosses & branches from Peyton's Baptism as decorations.  Aside from the cupcakes & the nests, we had other cupcakes that Addy & her bf Griff had decorated the night before with LOTS of sprinkles & crystallized sugar . We also had some strawberries & grapes.  You know, to keep it healthy. ; )  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!  Happy Weekend!
 As a P.S. here are some of the Easter eggs that the kids dyed & decorated.  : )

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