Friday, March 27, 2015

Peyton's Baptism

Last Sunday, sweet baby Peyton was baptized.  Afterwards, we had about 20 of our closest family and friends over for lunch.  I had seen so many beautiful pink & gold parties on Pinterest & really wanted to decorate using those colors.  
First steps first, I started with the pink fabric that I used for Addy's 'Look Whoo is 1' party & put it up on the wall in the corners using thumb tacks.  I then took some gold lemme that I've used for New Years Eve parties (and that I actually bundle under my Christmas tree as a tree skirt) & then I pinned it up to the ceiling & then bunched it in the center to create a curtain effect.  I then used the other piece of gold lemme as my centerpiece.
For food, we had two pasta salads, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, rolls for chicken salad and pimento cheese, southern ham delights, strawberry cupcakes and strawberry cake.  Because I knew I would be short on time coming straight from church, everything was pretty much store brought & put onto platters before we left that morning.  I did put in the extreme effort of making the strawberry cupcakes...from a boxed mix of course.  : )  I did make the ham delights & if you click here, this is how I made them.  They are SO GOOD.  My friend Liz makes them all the time & I bugged her for the recipe.  I could have probably made 5 trays of those things & every single one would have been eaten.  SO GOOD.  
 For decorations, the branches are from my parent's peach tree.  Yep, I just snipped some branches off when we were visiting & you couldn't even tell.  So much so that my mom said she really liked them & asked where I got them.  Whoopsie.  ; )  In the center was a banner saying "God Bless Peyton".  With the lighting, you can't really read it, but it looked really cute in person.  I talk more about the banner in a post found here.  
Hello pretty Publix cake.  Their cake is the best.  It's why I don't usually even try to bake cake myself.  Okay, who am I kidding?  It could be only kinda good & I probably still wouldn't try to bake cake myself.  : )  
On each side of the banner were these beautiful pinwheel crosses.  I will tell you more about these in this post here.  It's been a busy, busy time, so I'm sorry for the short posts.  I'm off to the weekend where we are hosting a kid's Easter Egg Hunt/party, game night for a dozen couples & a Sip & See on Sunday.  Busy, busy!  Happy weekend everyone!

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