Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Cupcakes

I will be the first to say, there was nothing super creative from me at all that went into making these cupcakes.  They are cupcakes made from yellow box mix.  I thought about trying to make pumpkin flavored cupcakes, but to be honest...I don't even really like pumpkin flavor that much & I didn't think the kids at the Pumpkin Party would eat it.  I thought about maybe making them with spice cake mix, but ultimately caved to the normalcy & deliciousness of yellow cake mix.
Now that I gave my disclaimer about nothing fancy about these cupcakes...I will take a second to tell you about trying the new line of Funfetti icings.  They have icing now that is vanilla flavored but brightly colored.  The orange one was perfect to make pumpkin cupcakes, especially since I used the last of my food coloring for the Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats.
 So I iced these cupcakes with my cool orange frosting...
 Then dipped them in clear crystallized sugar to give them a little something extra.
 Then I took some lime flavored tootsie rolls & cut them in half lengthwise & then in half again to make stems for the pumpkins.
 If I were to make pumpkin cupcakes again, I would probably try a pumpkin flavor or a spice cake flavor & also use a lot more frosting (shocking surprise, I know) & put it in the fridge to harden & then draw lines in the frosting to more resemble a pumpkin.  Since this party was majorly done on the fly, that obviously didn't happen here.  Oh well, at least my boxed cake mix was delicious.  ; )   Hope your pumpkin days are perfect!

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