Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Party

This year I decided I wanted to start an annual pumpkin carving party so we invited a couple of friends & their kids over.  We didn't go all out & invite a bunch of people since this was our trial run.  if carving pumpkins with kids got crazy, I didn't want there to be 20 of them running around.  ; ) 

Now you can't have a pumpkin carving party without some pumpkin treats.  So here is the pumpkin party table...
 The lighting is terrible & I was traveling for work all week & ran out of time to make a banner, but here is our pumpkin party table on the fly.  I love the whiter looking pumpkins & Walmart will sell you 3 of them for like $2.  Legit.  The scarecrow is actually very special to me.  It was given to us in a flower arrangement when my father-in-law passed away & we like to have him out around this time of year to remind us of him.  : (  

 In looking at my table, you can tell I clearly wanted it to be pumpkin crazy.  Easiest pumpkin treat ever?  Little clementines with the peel removed with a little tootsie roll stuck in.  Easy & pretty darn cute.

We also had pumpkin-looking (was going to go with pumpkin flavored too but then I was afraid the kids wouldn't eat them & I would have too many left...wait, is that a bad thing? haha) cupcakes.  Click here for some more information on the pumpkin cupcakes.  
 Pumpkin cheeseballs!  You guys know I love a cheeseball, so I adapted my usual recipe to make these little individual pumpkin cheeseballs (also do not taste like pumpkin).  Click here for more info on these cute little guys. : )
 And last but not least, Rice Krispie treats that look like pumpkins.  So cute & so delicious.  Have Rice Krispie treats always been that delicious or is it just that way now that I'm an adult & it may not be as acceptable to eat them all the time?  Regardless, these were probably my favorite.  Click here for more information on those.

The pumpkin party was a blast.  We painted & carved different pumpkins outside on the deck.  Here are a couple of the finished pumpkins...Full Disclosure, I cannot show you my pumpkin.  It was supposed to be a witch's hat & somehow turned out to look more like a phallic symbol.  Completely embarrassing.  I cannot carve a pumpkin...I guess I will have to settle for making food that looks like pumpkins instead.  : )  Happy Halloween (a little early) everyone!

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