Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Next Chapter: Book Baby Shower Decorations

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In keeping with the theme, books are  what I also used to decorate for the Book Themed Baby Shower.  I have tons of books around my house, so I used them to sit the food stands on to give the table some dimension.  

These are books that I have collected over the years to read or either ones I have gotten at thrift shops because I thought they looked neat.  If you aren't going to get the books to read, I suggest going to Goodwill or a thrift shop because you can find books as cheap as $1, sometimes less.  The book that I set the fruit salad on is one that has old maps & atlas pages in it.  This is the book I used pages from to make my old window map project that you can see here.  It also had lots of pages that just listed different cities and towns.  I took those pages out and used it as the paper on the serving dishes.

I found this G that looks like a book at where else?  Hobby Lobby. : )  I loved how it looked like an old book & of course I bought it when they had wood decor 50% off.  The book pinwheel was made the same way as the cupcake pedestal stands which you can find the instructions for here.  Here is where you can find info on the mini-book cupcake picks.  
Part of the decorations & gifts along with the rest of the books on the table was this crate full of books.  I use this crate & a white one for so many parties.  I highly recommend everyone find some good crates because they are so versatile for decorations.  
Above the crate of books was the book banner that you can find more info on here.  Happy reading & partying everyone. : ) 

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