Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Next Chapter: Book Pedestal Cupcake Stands

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For the Book Themed Baby Shower, I used books as risers for different dimensions on my table.  I also wanted to use books as cupcake pedestals & I saw this great idea here from Anders Ruff.  I started with a few old books that I no longer read.  I found paperbacks to be the best for this project.  The first step was to take off the cover. 
Then, you just fold each page in half.  I recommend not using books of more than 200 pages.  That was a good amount.  For the book pinwheel that you will see at the bottom of this page, I had a short book that they were recycling at work that I thought would be a great height for some other pedestals...yeah it was 660 pages so after I folded each of those pages in half, I was not interested in making another one that size to use as another pedestal so I used it as a pinwheel instead.  : )

Here is what the top of the pedestal winds up looking like.  
And here is what the side looks like.  How cool is that?
This was my "dry run" where I put all my post its around the table where every decoration & food item is going to go until I am satisfied with the set up.  OCD?  Uh yes, very.  : )  You can see one of the pedestals here on the left side of the picture.  Another was put on the right side when I moved that book. 
To showcase the cute mini-book cupcakes, I put some books I have around my house on top of these pedestals & then set the cupcakes on top of the books.
Here is the "pinwheel" I was talking about earlier...all 660 pages.  Yikes.  Now that's dedication.  : ) 

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