Monday, December 22, 2014

Elmo Carnival Birthday - The Invitation

For Addy's 3rd birthday, we had an Elmo Carnival. It was a very fun party & there was a lot that went into the planning.  As you have probably noticed throughout this blog, my parties usually go one of two ways...either I throw them together super last minute or I plan them for like a year.  This was one of those year-long planned out events...mostly because I took long breaks in the planning.  

I come up with ideas in a strange way.  For this party, I decided on the carnival idea because while at a consignment sale in September 2013, I found a popcorn maker that reminded me of a carnival & thus, this party was born. : )  I didn't want to just do a carnival, but wanted to also incorporate something Addy loves.  There is a lot of red in carnival themed parties & what else is red?  Elmo.  So I decided to combo the two.  The first thing I did (besides buy the sweet ass $2 popcorn maker) was work on the invitation.
 I got the inspiration for the Elmo face invitation & the envelope here at Inspire, Design & Create.   I loved the idea of an Elmo face, with the party information on the back.  I wasn't exactly sure how to make the Elmo face & definitely didn't trust myself to freehand it, so upon a search of Pinterest, I found a template at   I printed off the template & traced it onto red cardstock paper.  I then used the bottom of a round salt shaker to trace a circle & cut out white circles for eyes & orange circles for noses.  I used a sharpie for the eyes & the mouths.   
When it came to the invitation information, I saw some super cute ideas at Bringing Home Ezra.  I loved the ideas of the different fonts for the invitation.  So here are the different fonts I used.  For the "COME ONE, COME ALL" I used the Algerian font that you can find in Microsoft Word.  For ADDY's 3rd BIRTHDAY", I used the Bernard MT Condensed font from Word.  For "It's An" I used Brush Script from Word.  For "ELMO CARNIVAL", I went to & downloaded the Coffee Tin font.  It was perfect for this invitation.  Is it weird that I had never gone & downloaded a font before?  I hadn't, but I was super excited to find this one.  : )  For the "ADMIT ONE", I again used the Algerian & this time I bolded it.  & for the "FOOD, GAMES & PRIZES", I used the Bernard MT Condensed again.  Finishing up the invite with the date is the Algerian again, this time non-bolded.  

My other dominant color for the party besides the red & white stripes was pink, so I found some striped pink paper at Hobby Lobby & printed off the invitation wording onto it.  To make it "ticket-looking", I just cut sort of a J (or a backwards J if it was the other side) out of the corners.  

So naturally, I don't know what I did with the photos of the envelopes I used, but here is another shot of the super cute ideas at Inspire, Create & Design.  I did similar envelopes, but I just used the extra white circles & orange noses from the invitation faces & used those on the back on the envelopes too.  Then on the front of the envelopes, they had the addresses & then "G is for Gabriela", "N is for Nolan" & so forth for each kid invited.  
If you want to have a carnival party or if your kid is obsessed with Elmo the way mine was this past year, then Pinterest is your friend.  We went to another Elmo party about a month after Addy's party & there were tons of super cute ideas from Pinterest there too.  What did we do before Pinterest guys?  Probably got a lot more work done... ; )

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