Saturday, January 10, 2015

Carnival Popcorn Cupcakes

For Addy's Elmo Carnival, one of the sweets was popcorn cupcakes.  These were fun to make & turned out pretty cute.  I went to Pinterest to look for some ideas & found my inspiration at Mess for Less & Slate & Stylish.  I didn't make have the cute popcorn cupcake labels, so I just used some regular red & white striped ones.  Here are the finished cupcakes...
 And now for how you make them...
Here is where I would love to tell you that I made some delicious gourmet cupcakes & then provide you with a recipe.  I didn't.  There are some details that I love to spend time on for my parties, baking homemade cupcakes is typically not one of them.  Don't hate me. ; )  I used a boxed vanilla mix.  I piled on the cream cheese icing, 1) because the more icing you have, the more marshmallows the cupcake will hold & 2) I really love cream cheese icing.  
After you have the icing slathered on, just take mini-marshmallows & put them all over the cupcake.  The more, the better.  
 After all of your marshmallows are on, take some yellow food coloring & a tiny paintbrush (I bought a bag of random craft paintbrushes at Walmart once upon a time & I just used the tiniest of those, it worked great). When painting on, just use as much yellow food coloring as you would butter on if you notice, my popcorn is quite buttery. ; ) Delicious.
So there you go, delicious "popcorn" cupcakes that are super cute & super easy to make.  Happy weekend everyone!

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