Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Elmo Cupcakes

Well you can't have an Elmo Carnival without Elmo cupcakes.  These were super easy to make & pretty delicious. 
The cupcakes are cream cheese icing with red food coloring.  I found the great red & white striped cupcake holders at Michaels. 
 I saw some cute ideas on Pinterest for how to do Elmo eyes, but easy won this battle when I saw these Wilton candy eyeballs at Walmart.  Uh, yes please.

 After adding in the candy eyes, I needed something orange for the nose.  How can you always make cupcakes even more delicious?  Add candy of course.  As you can see on my cupcake page, I love adding mini M&Ms, tootsie rolls, airheads, etc. to cupcakes.  And what candy is delicious & orange?  Hello Reese's pieces.

 As you can see with my owl cupcakes from Addy's "Look Whoo is 1" birthday party, I also have a tendency of adding oreos to cupcakes. : )   An oreo cookie broken in half was the perfect Elmo smile.
 The mouths weren't perfectly straight, but even with my OCD, I didn't mind because these cupcakes were delicious.  Happy Tuesday everyone!
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