Monday, April 7, 2014

Look Whoo is 1!

For Addy's 1st birthday, I wanted to keep with the owl theme that we did in her nursery.  I saw the "Look Whoo is 1!" idea on Pinterest & loved it.  I wanted to use the same color palate of pink & green & owl things out of Addy's nursery as decorations.  I didn't set up my mock table in the dining room, but on the actual table I would be using.  I set it up out in the garage, much to my hubby's dismay.  He was not super happy about my table that he needed to "be careful" around in the middle of his man-cave/garage.  But he understood it was for a good cause.  : ) 
I had found this great tablecloth at Bed, Bath & Beyond for like $5.  Someone had returned it & there was a small spot on it, so it was super marked down.  I snagged it up & figured if I couldn't clean it, I would just stick a serving dish over the spot or put it at the back of the table or something.  For $5, I would make it work.  The cupcake stand I found at Kirklands.  It was so girly & pretty that I had to have it.  Look how beautiful it is.  And it went on sale, which was perfect.  It has now sold out, go figure.  Glad I grabbed it when I did. 

 I really like some sort of symmetry on my party tables.  It's the OCD in me.  I have a candleholder/lantern that is in Addy's room that I put on one side & I borrowed another candleholder/lantern from my friend Liz for the other side.  The little pink owl, the pink flower, the bird statue or whatever you would call it & the owl picture frame with Addy's picture all came out of Addy's nursery.  I used clear glass to serve most of the food on or in, with the exception of the small pink bowls which Addy now uses to eat her cereal or snacks out of.  Some of the shorter glass jars are actually old candles that I stuck in the freezer after they were mostly gone & then scooped the leftover wax out of & washed.  I love candles probably way too much & could spend a fortune on them if not careful.  I try & scope out Ollie's Outlet store because not only do they have legit prices of only a few dollars, their candles usually have some pretty good shapes that just look like clear bowls when you clean them out after you have finished with your candle.  I had some pink & green ribbon that were part of some decorations for one of my baby showers when I was pregnant with Addy that I used to wrap around the containers

The backdrop was just some pink fabric that I had.  I am super lucky in the sense that I have tons of fabric.  I mean, like huge drawers full.  When Steve's great-aunt passed away, she had so much fabric because she used to make her own clothes.  Nobody else wanted it, so I took it home with me in some super-cute vintage suitcases that nobody else wanted.  Spoiler will see those vintage suitcases again in a "Boy Meets World" party that hopefully will be posted in the next week or so.  : )  The fabric "curtains" at the top also came from Steve's aunt's collection.  The fabric was literally just drapped through the metal at the top of the tent.  I don't love how you can see the window from the tent through the fabric, but it was pouring down rain that day & we needed to set up the tent where you could come out either door into the tent without getting soaked.  The hanging paper decorations all came from Party City.  In the center is Addy's rag wreath.  I am going to break down how to make the rag wreath in a post soon, but it is so easy & is just made out of a wire hanger & strips of fabric.  Then, I put a pink "A" in the middle.  It currently hangs in her playroom, but we will probably move it to her door when new baby arrives this summer.  It was a perfect centerpiece for her party. 
 The drink table was pretty simple.  Pink lemonade with green apples in the base & other beverages.  I threw some pink fabric on the table first & then a white & pink tablecloth. 
 Since the weather was absolutely horrible (look how dark it was inside even with all the lamps on), I had to decorate other little "stations" in the house, since people couldn't spread out & go outside some.  I just threw some tablecloths on the dining room table, threw up some hanging decorations from Party City & put out some bird houses as the centerpiece. 
 I normally wouldn't have even messed with the kitchen, but since that is where Addy would have to enjoy her smash cake, I just threw up some streamers & some more hanging decorations. 
You can see there were streamers & hanging decorations pretty much throughout the the den...going up the stairs...pretty much wherever I could hang something. 
I will tell you more about this banner when I talk about the "Look Whoo is 1!" banner in the next post.  The last little decoration detail of this party was this sweet little picture of Addy girl as a newborn.  I took this picture of her when she was about a week old & used a Living Social deal to get this big canvas for like $20.  I hung it up where you come in & put two hanging fans on both sides of it.  It was crazy to see how small she was & how big she was turning 1. 

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