Friday, October 23, 2015

Peyton's "Sailabration" Food

Well over 3 months later, I'm finally writing about the food from sweet Peyton's 1st birthday "Sailabration".  It's been a whirlwind 3 months.  Addy started school, dance & Fall soccer.  Football season started.  And we had a 1000 year flood which sadly damaged a lot of our beloved city, especially my surrounding area.  Thankfully, all of our loved ones & our home were safe, but a lot of people lost so much.  It was definitely a heartbreaking time.  Amongst all of the chaos, our sassy Addy turned 4 & we had her birthday party.  So we have had our hands full.  Hopefully before 3 months from now, I can get to Addy's birthday party (hint, it was a Frozen Movie Theater theme), but for now, I'm going to try & finish up our sweet baby girl's first birthday posts.  : )

So for Peyton's "Sailabration", the food was pretty simple.  We had sandwiches, sausage balls, dips, goldfish, cake & cupcakes.
For the sandwiches, I took bollo rolls I found at Sams Club & split them down the middle & filled them with chicken salad & pimento cheese. 

 I made little paper boats that I will talk more about on the Decorations post.  I filled the boats with goldfish for the kids.
 I also took large french loafs & carved out the middle.  I filled these with spinach/artichoke dip & buffalo chicken dip.  I served them with crackers & chunks of the bread I had scooped out of the middle.

 For the homemade okay made from a box mix cupcakes, I just iced 12 strawberry cupcakes with pink cream cheese icing & the other 12 with white icing & alternated cupcake wrappers & sails.
 I made "buoy balls", which are the super easy Bisquick, sausage, & cheddar balls.
I threw them in a wooden boat I found at Hobby Lobby that I cleaned up & now holds some little books in Peyton's room.   

For the cake, this was probably the simplest cake I have ever made, which is good because you know I'm not great at it.  I baked a cake in a loaf pan.  
  See cake.  
 I cut the front into the shape of a boat.
I iced cake, but a sail on it & called it a boat.  ; )  See how simple that was!  And it was delicious.  

So that was all of our delicious, yet super simple, nautical party food.  Hopefully one day soon I will be back to talk about the super simple decorations that I did for this party.  Happy weekend everyone!

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