Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Peyton's 1st "Sailabration" Decorations

For Peyton's 1st birthday "Sailabration", I started with the backdrop.  I took the largest boxes I could find (two men's suit boxes) & broke them down & taped them all together.  
 I then had some $1 plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree.  I took two of them & taped them to the cardboard piece.
 I used two because you could see still through the first one.
 I had also bought some tissue paper from the Dollar Tree & used it to make waves.  I taped it around the back & then used flat push pins to attach it to the cardboard.  I also took white tissue paper & bunched them up & hot glued it to the backboard for clouds.  I hung white poofs from Party City as additional clouds.
 In addition to the backboard, I used two bookshelves from baby Peyton's nursery.  I kept one up & laid the other down as my "boat" centerpiece. 
 I wanted the main colors to be navy & pink, so I used a pink tablecloth & tableskirt.
 Recognize the sail?  Yep, it's leftover fabric from my no-sew curtains from Peyton's nursery.  I took three pieces of wooden dowels & hot glued them together.  I then just wrapped the fabric around the backsides of the dowels & hot glued them to make the sail.  It was super easy.  I wasn't sure how to keep the sail upright, but luckily, the bottom part of the sail reached across to the back of the boat & could rest on it.  The main part of the sail, I just used clear shipping tape to tape it to the boat so that it would sit upright.  

 In the boat, I set the life preserver that I made a long time ago for an "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" baby shower.  In front, I set the oar & picture frames from Peyton's nursery.
I also used on the crates that I use for most any party.  I set it upside down & put other decor from Peyton's nursery on it, as well as pictures of baby Peyton.
 I bought a wooden letter P from Hobby Lobby & just traced it on scrapbook paper.  Then I cut it out & used spray adhesive to bond it.  
 This is a before picture of the boat centerpiece.  I found this at a yard sale for $20!  Probably my best find ever.  I painted it using the same paint as Peyton's dresser.  It looks so good in Peyton's nursery & is perfect for storing books.  It was also perfect as a centerpiece for Peyton's "Sailabration"!

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