Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Peyton's 1st Birthday "Sail-a-bration!"

So how in the world did my sweet baby just turn 1?  I swear I was pregnant with her 5 minutes ago!  But all you parents know, time flies by so quickly.  For Peyton's first birthday, I wanted to do a nautical themed party like her nursery...a "sail-a-bration" if you will...I know, so corny, I can't help myself. : )

The great thing about doing the same thing as the nursery was that I could just use decorations from Peyton's room to decorate the table.  I saved so much money by using things I already had.  Remember this little bookcase from her room?

Yep, I used it to hold cupcakes.  See the life preserver that I made years ago for the Ahoy! It's a Boy! baby shower?  Yep, I tossed it in the boat.  The boat was the main thing on the table.  Stay tuned for the story of the boat soon.  : )  It looks like it's just a regular boat while it is laying down, but it is actually an awesome bookshelf that I consider one of my greatest finds. 
On the other side of the table, I used a crate that I'm forever using at parties & put some of Peyton's accessories from her room on top.  Remember the DIY buoys I made?  Yeah, they made another appearance. : )  I also used anchors, picture frames, etc. from her room.  In fact, the only things that I made for this party were the backdrop, sail & food decorations (well and some of the food if you count boxed cupcakes & moving things from containers, haha). 
This party was so much fun & really pretty simple to execute.  A little time consuming with cutting out lots of paper, but that was fine.  I can cut a lot of paper once the kids go to bed & I'm mindlessly watching The Bachelorette.  No judgment, it's a nasty habit, but I'm so obsessed.  Stay tuned for more posts about the backdrop, the sail, the food & the food decorations.  Anyway, I hope that you are all doing great & having some amazing "sail-a-brations" of your own!

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