Monday, April 7, 2014

Look Whoo is 1! Party food

I am sure I have mentioned before when talking about my parties, but I try & keep with a theme, even throughout the food (can you say OCD?).   Sometimes it is a specific concept & sometimes it is the colors of food. For this party, much like the bee baby shower, I wanted to stick with a color palette & theme, so I wanted all of the food to either be pink & green or owl theme.  Since the party was at 3, I opted to go with light party food.  
Here is a shot of the entire table.  For my green food, I went with a green apples tray with cream cheese dip on one side & a matching cucumber/celery tray with ranch dip on the other side.  I put green grapes on skewers & placed two containers of them on either side of the table.  In small pink bowls on both sides of the owl cheeseball, I put green apple taffy.  I wasn't sure what this would taste like because I found it at the Dollar Tree, but it was delicious.  I actually bought more next time I was there, just for the heck of it. 
For the pink food items, I found pink iced animal crackers at the Dollar Tree, as well as these weird little pink strawberry marshmallow things.  They were marshmallow outside & chocolate inside.  They surprisingly (like the taffy) were really good.  I didn't have that many of them (I know, they were at the Dollar Tree, what a cheapskate, haha), so I alternated them with regular strawberry marshmallows on skewers.  I put two glass containers with those on one side of the table & two glass containers with strawberry yogurt covered pretzels & icing dipped rice krispie treats on the other side of the table.  I bought the yogurt covered pretzels at the Fresh Market & I totally cheated with the Rice Krispie treats.  It probably would have been cheaper to have just made the Rice Krispie treats myself & cut out the rectangles or whatever.  Instead, I bought a pack of them at Sams Club that were already cut into the individual rectangles, stuck them on skewers & dipped them in some of the melted strawberry cream cheese icing leftover from the owl cake & owl cupcakes.  Rice Krispie Treats in general are delicious...Rice Krispie Treats covered in strawberry cream cheese icing cannot be beat.  Amazing. 
The owl smash cake & cupcakes kept with the pink & the owl theme.  I tried to figure out how to make the cheeseball stick to the color scheme, but at the end of the day, it just had to be the regular cheeseball color & just look like an owl.  I think it turned out okay in the scheme of things.  So that was our "Look Whoo is 1!" party food.  Besides the rain, it was a nice, fun day to celebrate our sweet girl turning 1. 

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