Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nautical Hairbow Holder

I knew I wanted a place to keep Peyton's hairbows in her Nautical Nursery...that is assuming she ever grows hair.  : )  It took her sister quite a while.  In Addy's nursery, I had made a shadowbox hairbow holder.  I had another shadowbox so I thought about doing the same thing for Peyton's room with a nautical theme, but then my husband actually had a way better idea.

We were standing in the nursery & I had the fishing net from the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" baby shower in my hand.  I was pondering what to do with it.  I had thought about linking it from the ceiling to the Nautical Baby Mobile or maybe to a shelf or something...but then my husband's creative genius took over.  He said "Why don't you just hang the net up on the wall & put her hairbows on it?"  Uhh...whoa.  My response of course was, "That's a great idea.  Should I double the net over?  Should I put it horizontal or vertical?  Where on the wall should I put it?  Should I put anything else on the net?"  His response, "I'm done here.  That's all I got."  Haha.  That's kinda how he is with projects.  He will throw out a random, yet great idea & then poof...he's gone.  So then I was on my own, but it gave me a chance to think out a DIY that I didn't even know I was going to be thinking out.  So here is what I did.
I doubled the net over & pinned it into the wall using flat push pins.
I then added in an anchor & a letter P.  The anchor came from Hobby Lobby & I painted it navy with the same paint I used for the Nautical Mobile.  The pink P came off of the diaper cake that my sweet friend at work made for me. 
I attached the P to the anchor using the clear string that I used to make Peyton's mobile (and Addy's too).  I then nailed the anchor to the wall on top of the net.
I had some ceramic white fish that I found on sale at Kirklands and I couldn't find anything to do with them.  I decided to attach them to the sides of the net.  

I had a shell garland that I had used as decoration across the food table at the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" baby shower I had thrown for my friend last Spring.  It was starting to come apart some from being stored, so I cut off the starfish, sand dollars & shells.  I used two of the starfish on the net & the other shells around the rest of the nursery as decorations.
Then all that was left was to attach the bows...

I really love how this turned out & I have to give mad props to the hubby Steve who was the mastermind behind it all.  A little teamwork for ya. ; )

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