Monday, April 7, 2014

Ahoy! It's a Boy! - Party Food

So you probably know from my Parties Page that I like to keep the food "themed" at my parties.  For this party, I wanted to keep everything red & blue or either Nautical aka seafood related.  
As with any party for a loved one, you can keep the theme up to a certain extent, but you also have to incorporate their favorite foods.  Sarah, the mom-to-be, loves sweets.  You would never know it from looking at her because she is one of those impossibly skinny people who love to eat sweets.  You know, those kind of people you want to hate but somehow they win you over anyway?  Yeah, that's my best friend Sarah.  So the first thing we had to figure out were the sweets.  Luckily, Sarah's sister Dianna said she would handle the cake & enlist Publix's help.  Sarah is obsessed with Publix cake.  She gets it whenever she can.  I can't say I blame her because it is delicious.  And I think you've seen from Addy's Baptism party that when I don't feel like making a cake, I definitely turn to Publix as well.  Publix made a delicious cake, as usual, & the lighthouse centerpiece I found on Oriental Trading was the perfect theme to top the cake to make it fit right in.
Other sweets I included for Sarah were little mini-cheesecake bites.  A few other favorites that weren't red, blue or seafood were sausage balls, mini quiches & pig in the blankets.  The "themed" food included skewers of strawberries & blackberries, a crap dip boat & peel & eat shrimp & lobster.  Now that I think about it, I think we actually had more food that was non-theme than theme, but what can you do.  It was all super delicious.  And yes, those are Twizzlers you see in the pictures.  Sarah also loves Twizzlers.  I think she & the kids were the only people who ate any of them, which was just perfect for Sarah since we had tons leftover that she could take home with her.

I had ribbons leftover from my other parties or crafts that I wrapped around the glass jars with the fruit to add some color.  Everything turned out delicious & there were few leftovers.  Most of this food was bought from Sams Club.  The only thing I made were the Sausage Balls (Bisquick recipe specialty) & I semi-made the crab dip.  By that, I mean I mixed a store-bought crap dip from Sams Club with cream cheese & paprika & garlic salt & stuck it in a "boat" aka a french bread loaf.  Sandra Lee would be so proud.  Anyway, that was the adult food table.  And yes, many of the adults snagged some of the Rice Krispies & "life preserver" powdered doughnuts from the Kids' Table.  Can you blame us?  : )

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