Thursday, October 6, 2016

Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Party

Full disclosure, this party is a year old. We actually just celebrated Addy's 5th birthday, but I'm slightly (ok ridiculously) behind, so here we go. Addy was obsessed with Frozen last year. Not much has changed. Everyone was doing Frozen parties then, so I decided to change it up just a little & plan a Frozen Drive-In Movie party. The idea was to have the food table set up indoors & then watch the movie outside on our new blow-up movie screen that I had requested as my birthday present. I was gong to make little boxes for them to sit in & it was going to be a great fun time outdoors. October is when weather gets halfway decent in South Carolina...except for this year...when we had the 1000 year flood. Addy's outdoor party was scheduled right in the middle of the flood. We moved it to the next weekend, but everything was still so messed up from the flood, we weren't able to do anything inside. So we had the party inside & we put Frozen on the playroom TV. Improvising at it's finest. Ha. But the kid's still had a great time & really weren't the wiser as to what the original plans were. 
I'm going to do a separate post on decorations, but this is what the main party table looked like in the daytime. This was our first nighttime birthday party. Initially that was so it would be dark enough for the movie. Small lesson learned, when kids eat tons of chocolate & sweets this late, they will stay up past midnight. Sorry friends. I was that parent this party. Whoops.
In addition to the main food table, I wanted a "concessions stand" for the movie. That was set up in the kitchen & consisted of popcorn, cracker jacks, chips & candy.
 I made the concessions stand a  "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post" concession stand, to symbolize where Anna met Kristoff on her way to look for Elsa.
 This was the plate/napkin table & wall where we had Addy's pictures from the past year. 
For favors, we had Frozen cups with the usual party favors...pencils, crayons, stickers, tattoos, etc. We also used a Frozen book as the guestbook.

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Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday
Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Decorations
Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Food
Movie Clapboard for Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday
Marquee Sign for Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday

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