Thursday, October 6, 2016

Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Party Decorations

 For the decorations for Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday party, I was able to use a lot of things I had already for Christmas. I am a little Christmas crazy, so any excuse to have more Christmas ornaments, I'm cool with. I started planning this party immediately after Addy's Elmo's birthday when she turned 3, so I just waited until after Christmas & bought a bunch of stuff at super cheap prices.
I started the backdrop with a giant man's suit box. I cut it up & taped it up really well to stabilize it some. I will say, I did not love this backdrop. It was a little heavy so it was hard to stand up. So...I did something a little crazy & I hope my husband isn't reading this. I actually nailed two small nails through the backdrop into the wall to keep it stable. That wall is full of nail holes anyway & we really only go in there for parties where that wall is covered, so that's okay right? Ha. But anywho...
 After I taped it all up, I covered it in a light blue Dollar Tree tablecloth.
Then I took a "snow roll" that I had gotten at Walmart for like 90% off after Christmas & I covered the backdrop with that as well.  
Then I went to work attaching things to the backdrop.  See the silver things? They were random clear plastic movie reels that we had found at work cleaning stuff out. They were tossing them, so I took them home & spray painted them silver. I took those & all of the silver & blue snowflake ornaments I had gotten on sale & I attached them to the backdrop. Now by attached, I mean I sewed those suckers on. I'm not going to lie, it sucked. I used the clear fishing line that I use for a ton of my party stuff & a heavy duty sewing needle. 

I just took the clear string & sewed it back & forth through the cardboard backdrop, attaching the reels & snowflakes. It sucked, but it wound up looking cute. 
I also used the clear string to make an icicle banner for the top. I also tied white snowflake ribbon in between every other icicle to space them out a little. 
Since it was a movie themed party, I made a marquee sign for the centerpiece. You can find out more info on that here. 
For the rest of the decorations, I used a movie clapboard I made (see more info on that here), part of Addy's Frozen castle she had gotten the Christmas before, some sparkly blue trees from Hobby Lobby, a table runner I got on super sale & some silver candles. 
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Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday
Addy's 4th Frozenfest Birthday Decorations
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