Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oreo Chocolate Chunk Cheeseball

For the Super Bowl party, I decided to take on a different spin from my usual cheeseball & make something sweet.  I started with a bunch of Oreos.  I took the icing out of the oreos & put the oreo part aside for the outside crumble & threw the icing part in with a bunch of other crushed oreos. I separated a row of the Oreo pack this way & then crushed up the remaining two rows with a potato masher. 
I added in a block of cream cheese. I had a lot of random baking chips around my house for some reason, so I threw in regular chocolate chips, some shaved dark chocolate & some white chocolate chips.
I used a mixer to mix it all in.  It was a little think, so I threw in a splash of milk, just to get it going.
After it was a good consistency, I shaped it into a football shape.
Then I just covered it in the Oreo cookie crumbs. As you can see here, I am so not neat when it comes to icing, which is why my friend Ally typically handles this kind of stuff. But she had her hands full with the strawberries, so I did the icing...hence why it is terrible. It was quite delicious though. I served the Oreo Cheeseball with graham crackers & vanilla wafers. Delicious.
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