Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Super Bowl - Football party

Now that football season is in full swing, I think it's finally time to make some time for an old Super Bowl post. Now that isn't from this year's Super Bowl...the one that the Broncos finally won!!! : ) This is from the year before, which was terrible because it was between two teams I despise...the Patriots, who are always a rival, & the Seahawks, who had just dominated my beloved Broncos in the 2014 Super Bowl .  When faced with not being able to pull for either team in the biggest game of the year, what is one to do?  Well pour my energy into a party, of course.  The recipes for the snacks are in their own posts, along with a post on the decorations.

We had delicious wings, meatballs (see recipe here), chips & dip, along with the other snacks below.  It was a fun night, even if one of the two hated teams had to win. : )  
 For the party, everything was either football related or the colors of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl.  I got cupcakes from Sam's club, done in the colors of the two teams.  
 Oreo Chocolate Chunk Cheeseball - click here for the recipe
 Cheeseball - click here for the recipe
 Chocolate-Covered Strawberries - these were made by one of my friends, who is way neater at drawing on football laces than I am.
 Pizza Pocket Footballs - click here for recipe (along with wings in the footballs)
 Football cake & football brownies - see more info here

 Football sandwiches - I used a football cookie cutter to cut out bread, ham & cheese.
Fruit cookie tarts in the colors of the Superbowl teams - click here for recipe
The other snack table full of chips, pig & the blankets, cream cheese loaf & football cookies. 
Click below for more info on this party...
Super Bowl Main Party Page
Super Bowl Decorations Page
Football Bacon Cheeseball 
Oreo Chocolate Chunk Cheeseball
Fruit Sugar Cookie Tarts
Football cake & brownies

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