Friday, February 27, 2015

Saved by The Bell 30th Birthday Bash - The Max

So we had our main SBTB dessert table, but no "Saved by the Bell" party is complete without The Max.  
Oh the to "recreate" this epic space, I knew I wanted red letters to say "The Max".  Now originally, I bought some of those red LED rope lights, but I just couldn't figure out how to attach them & make them spell out the words in the correct shapes.  So I scratched that plan & moved on.  But before I get to that, the backdrop...
I really wanted to do the square glass look & thought about putting up tons of clear plastic square plates to resemble the window blocks at the Max, but 1) that was crazy time consuming & 2) this was set up in front of a set of closed doors, so there was no good way to do that.  So I got an iridescent tablecloth & taped it together with a clear tablecloth.

This is what it looked like.  It had just a little bit of the shimmer that I feel like the block windows at the Max had.
So back to "The Max" sign.  I searched & searched for something & finally decided on red glitter glue to draw out "The Max".  I had an old piece of cardboard that I spray-painted white & I just traced the letters out with a pencil & then traced them with glitter glue.

For the other decor, I just looked up diner decor on amazon & found these great signs.  You essentially cut them out & tape them wherever you want.  You could tape them to cardboard or something more sturdy to give them more depth, but I just taped them to the wall & to the backdrop.

I also found a mini cardboard jukebox on Amazon.
I really wanted to just make sure that "The Max" had an old school phone & especially a jukebox.  I also put some "Bayside colored" megaphones & pom poms.
Since we were celebrating me, Shannon & Ally all turning 30, I used some of our pictures throughout the years & put them in the clear glass containers that I used from our "Ladies Lunch" back in the Fall.  Just so everyone would know who we were celebrating of course. ; )

So that's "The Max".  There is no dance contest or hottie Jeff around, but it turned out pretty cute.  Stay tuned for more info on the food this "diner" served up.

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