Friday, February 20, 2015

Saved by the Bell 30th Birthday Bash - Slater's Smackdown Cupcakes

So for our Saved by the Bell Birthday Bash, I couldn't think of anything to symbolize Slater. Zack was easy with Blondies, Lisa with Turtles, Screech with Nerds, Kelly with anything cheer related...You get the idea.  But Slater was a little more difficult.  What did Slater love?  Well, Jessie (can't really do much with that), his pet lizard Artie (wasn't going near that)...oh & wrestling.  So I went onto Catch My Party & I saw this super cute wrestling party that had the cutest wrestling belt cupcakes.  So I tried to make some wrestling belt cupcakes.  Here is where my friend Ally who made our amazing birthday cake for this party wants to make sure I include a disclaimer that she played no part in these cupcakes.  Haha.  She gave me & Shannon (also known as the non-cake makers) her fondant tools & let us go nuts.  Probably not the best idea, but hey, they worked out okay. 
We started with some regular chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  

Then we cut out some little squares & per Ally's instructions were supposed to make little dots to make them look right.  These were for the sides of the wrestling belt. 

Then we used the little flower shape & cut out some more yellow fondant.  
As you can see, some looked better than others. 
The major problem came in when we tried to lift these little shapes off of my non-sprayed countertops.  They got a little stretched & a little wonky.  
So they definitely are not bakery material, but seriously what do I make that is?  But, we had some Slater's Smackdown Cupcakes anyway. 
And look at them on the the dark light, you can't even tell they look weird. : ) 

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