Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nautical Nursery Accessories

Ah, the last post about the Peyton's Nautical Nursery...makes me kinda sad, but there are other parties & projects to talk about too.  : )  This post is about the accessories in the nursery & where to find them or how to make them.
This is the shelf in Peyton's nursery filled with lots of nautical things.  I will start with the top shelf because it involves some of my favorite DIYs.  
The buoys may look a little familiar...
That's because they are the buoys that I made for the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" shower.  This is what they looked like then...
I then updated them to match the colors of the nursery & reflect the date of Peyton's birth...07/2014.  Here is where you can find a tutorial of how I made these DIY buoys.  : ) 

Next up is the DIY life preserver which was also prominently featured at the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" shower.  Here is the tutorial on how to make one yourself. 
The jar in front of the life preserver is a jar from my baby shower where everyone put sweet messages in for baby Peyton.  I took the messages out to save for Peyton & filled it with shells from our trips to the beach.  
On the right side of the top shelf is an anchor that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby had so many great things for my nautical theme, and everything at some point goes half off so you can get things for legit prices.  This anchor was usually $19.99, but I got it on sale for $10 when they had their "50% wood decor" sale one week.

Now onto the middle shelf...the main thing on this shelf is the oar.  This oar came from Oriental Trading & is one of my favorite pieces in Peyton's room.  

I bought the same oar for baby Alex & used it as a decoration at the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" baby shower in April 2013.  These oars are only $19.99 & are personalized.  Now they usually come with red stripes & a red sailboat under the name, but I just painted over them in pink to keep with my theme.  Easy peasy.

On the right hand side is a buoy frame that I bought on clearance from Oriental Trading for like $1.50.  I bought 3 of them & have them random places around the room.  
You might also notice three wooden whales on the top two shelves...they are little picture holders that I haven't put pictures in yet.  I bought them years ago on clearance at Target for my office & brought them home once we decided to have a Nautical Nursery.  So on the third shelf down, I have a pink picture frame that was a gift.  In the middle is a wooden "gone sailing" sign.  I wish I knew where it came from, but it was also a gift.  On the far right side of the shelf is a great little wooden boat from where else...Hobby Lobby when it was $5.  I'm pretty predictable, aren't I?  : )  

The bottom shelf just has a random little navy & white striped bag that someone gave me, a blue basket from Michaels (I'm sorry Hobby Lobby for cheating on you) & a pink "my first bank" that someone gave us.  

So other random decorations around the room...this little table was one that came from my mom & dad's house.  It was just a random wooden table.  I had painted it pink & green for Addy's nursery, but then she got a nighstand instead & we moved this table into Peyton's nursery.  I painted the green portions navy & called it a day.  The lamp that sits on top of the table is what we use as a nightlight (well what we will use when I get up the courage to move baby P into her own room).  It was on clearance at the Hobby Lobby for like $7.  Legit.  
This little basket is supposed to be a laundry basket, but I never really change baby P in her room, so I use it as a stuffed animal basket because the stuffed animals run rampant around our house.
On the changing table/dresser, the little lamp came from Ebay for around $13 with shipping.  I didn't like the lampshade, so I found that one at IKEA for around $5.  I'm so glad that I have to drive over an hour to get to an IKEA because I would buy an obscene amount of things there just because their prices are so great.  The rope mirror came from Hobby Lobby.  I had eyed it for quite some time but it was $99.  Do you know how many other things I could buy at Hobby Lobby for $99?  A lot.  Even when it went 50% off, that was still way more than I wanted to spend.  But on one fateful day, I found this lone mirror hanging out in the western section that was going on clearance for $19.  I decided that with the rest of the decor in the nursery, this western mirror would be a nautical mirror.  : )  Hopefully nobody even knows the difference. 

Another great Hobby Lobby clearance find...this boat bookshelf.  It was originally $99, but I found it for $29.  Strangely enough, I realized that different Hobby Lobbys have different clearance prices on things.  I travel some for work & stopped by a Hobby Lobby closer to the beach & bought this.  I went to one of my local Hobby Lobby's later that week & it was on sale for $54 there.  Very strange, but I was definitely not mad I had bought it for the $29.  It was a hideous green color when I bought it & I painted it with some navy paint my BFF had leftover after painting her den.  Now it is an adorable navy bookshelf.

I just love the way Peyton's name hangs over her crib.  The oar I found at TJ Maxx for about $20 & the name banner came from my dear friend Luci who had this hanging at my baby shower.  She handpainted the shells on a burlap banner.  I just love how it turned out & how great it looks attached to the oar.  
Speaking of sweet friends, my BFF Liz bought Peyton this sweet initial sign that hangs on her door.  Isn't it the cutest?  
This adorable sailboat is where we have some of baby P's stuffed animals.  It is a planter that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Never be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to decorating.  I kill plants, so I never need a planter...unless I'm going to hang it on a wall for something completely different like stuffed animals.  : )  

Another sweet work friend gave Peyton this adorable pillow.  And you can't see it very well, but behind that pillow is another pillow from IKEA.  It has an old nautical map on it & is pretty cute.  It was the frontrunner in the chair until the Peyton pillow arrived & won the showcase race. 
My baby shower also showcased these great prints from my friend Luci.  She cut these shapes out of cardstock & put them on scrapbook paper & framed them.  Aren't they the best?  The girl has some serious knife skills.  If you want further proof of that, please see the amazing backdrop she did for our Superhero baby shower we threw for another coworker.  It was beyond amazing.
Below the prints on the dresser, I have a bottle that I tied some rope around filled with shells from our trips to the beach, a little picture frame from Kohls & a buoy from Hobby Lobby.  
The buoy started out red, but I spray painted it pink to match the room.  

And if you aren't already sick of hearing about Hobby Lobby, here are some other things that I got from there for the nursery...the nautical balls that I put on the ends of the DIY Nautical Curtain Rods to hold up the awesome DIY Nautical curtains...this nautical pulley that I used to make the DIY Nautical baby mobile  & the wire anchor that I used as part of the DIY Nautical Hairbow Holder.  
Moral of this story...I love Hobby Lobby...oh & they have great prices on Nautical stuff.  Haha.  Especially if you stalk their 50% off sales & their clearance aisles. 

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