Thursday, November 12, 2015

Peyton's 1st "Sailabration" Food Decorations

 Decorating the food for this party was super easy.  The most time consuming part was definitely these little boats to serve the goldfish in.  
I started with pink & navy scrapbook paper.  I then used the following instructions found on Pinterest at Big Dot of Happiness.
How To Make A Paper Boat & Anchor Nautical Party Ideas // Free Printable Nautical Paper // #paperboats #nauticalparty #anchors:
I then made all these pink & navy boats & alternated the colors on the table, using them to serve goldfish.
For the sandwiches, I used tiny wooden skewers.  I cut the same scrapbook paper to make right triangles.  I then punched holes in the top & bottom & put the skewer through the paper, making a sail.  

 I used the same method for the cupcakes.  Instead of using wooden skewers for them, I used cute little nautical, navy & pink straws that I found at Marshall's & Hobby Lobby.  The nautical ones went on clearance right after the 4th of July, which worked out great.
 In addition to the sails, I also alternated navy & pink cupcake holders.  I used pink cupcake holders & navy sails & vice versa.
I also used the same method to put sails in the "boats" of spinach dip & buffalo chicken dip.
I also put a sail on top of the boat cake.   
So with some sheets of scrapbook paper, wooden skewers & paper straws, I had the entire party food decorations done.  Super easy & I think it turned out pretty cute.  Happy "sailabrations" y'all!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Peyton's 1st "Sailabration" Decorations

For Peyton's 1st birthday "Sailabration", I started with the backdrop.  I took the largest boxes I could find (two men's suit boxes) & broke them down & taped them all together.  
 I then had some $1 plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree.  I took two of them & taped them to the cardboard piece.
 I used two because you could see still through the first one.
 I had also bought some tissue paper from the Dollar Tree & used it to make waves.  I taped it around the back & then used flat push pins to attach it to the cardboard.  I also took white tissue paper & bunched them up & hot glued it to the backboard for clouds.  I hung white poofs from Party City as additional clouds.
 In addition to the backboard, I used two bookshelves from baby Peyton's nursery.  I kept one up & laid the other down as my "boat" centerpiece. 
 I wanted the main colors to be navy & pink, so I used a pink tablecloth & tableskirt.
 Recognize the sail?  Yep, it's leftover fabric from my no-sew curtains from Peyton's nursery.  I took three pieces of wooden dowels & hot glued them together.  I then just wrapped the fabric around the backsides of the dowels & hot glued them to make the sail.  It was super easy.  I wasn't sure how to keep the sail upright, but luckily, the bottom part of the sail reached across to the back of the boat & could rest on it.  The main part of the sail, I just used clear shipping tape to tape it to the boat so that it would sit upright.  

 In the boat, I set the life preserver that I made a long time ago for an "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" baby shower.  In front, I set the oar & picture frames from Peyton's nursery.
I also used on the crates that I use for most any party.  I set it upside down & put other decor from Peyton's nursery on it, as well as pictures of baby Peyton.
 I bought a wooden letter P from Hobby Lobby & just traced it on scrapbook paper.  Then I cut it out & used spray adhesive to bond it.  
 This is a before picture of the boat centerpiece.  I found this at a yard sale for $20!  Probably my best find ever.  I painted it using the same paint as Peyton's dresser.  It looks so good in Peyton's nursery & is perfect for storing books.  It was also perfect as a centerpiece for Peyton's "Sailabration"!

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