Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ahoy! It's a Boy! - Banners

So for the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" party, I wanted to do two different for the main table & one for the guestbook table.  For the banner on the main table, it read "Ahoy It's a Boy!" & consisted of the party colors: red, navy & light blue.  I found some great scrapbook paper in my basic colors at Hobby Lobby when it as on sale.  I also found some great wooden cutouts in the shapes of crabs, anchors & sailboats.  I used these on the ends on the banner & in between the words.  The shape for the banner was a regular pennant shape, alternating the red, navy & light blue in cardstock paper.  A smaller pennant shape of the scrapbook paper was glued on, alternating colors. I then stenciled & cut out the letters using my favorite stencil letters that I use for pretty much all of my banners.  I kept the colors of the letters matching the colors of the pennant.  Instead of using different ribbons to tie the pennants together like I usually do, I used white yarn that I thought looked nautical.  : )  You can see a picture of the entire table set-up below, then a picture of just the banner, & then some close-ups of the banner. 

For the banner on the guestbook table, I didn't use any cardstock paper, just the pennants made of scrapbook paper.  I pretty much used whatever paper I had leftover after the main banner.  I wanted this banner to say "S.S. Clement" to honor Baby Alex's last name.  I tied the pennants together using the same yarn as I did with the big banner. 

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