Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ahoy! It's a Boy! - DIY Anchor

For the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" party, there were so many cute DIY ideas on Pinterest.  I knew I wanted to create an anchor decoration but had no idea where the start.  I found the anchor pictured below on Pinterest.  You can find the instructions on how they created this anchor at Burton Avenue Blog.  Disclaimer: My anchor may be a bit of a disappointment after this one. ; )

Below is a close-up of my finished anchor.  So how did I make this anchor & how much did it cost me?  Well, I'm so glad you asked that. ; )
This project cost me pretty much nothing because it was made from things that I already had at my house.  First, I found a cardboard box with sides big enough to draw an anchor on.  I traced out the shape of the anchor I wanted & used an exacto knife to cut two identical shapes.  You could just cut out one anchor shape if you wanted to, but I wanted a little dimension so I did two & taped them together to make the anchor a little thicker. 
After I had the anchor shape, I covered it in tin foil making sure to bunch up the tinfoil to give it more texture.  Surprisingly, it didn't take as much tinfoil as I thought it would take.  I just used enough to cover all of the cardboard. 
The tinfoil was too shiny for my taste, so I decided to spray paint it.  I used some brown & black spray paint & just painted spots until I was satisfied with the color that it turned out.  While the paint was still wet, I took sand & threw it on the paint to make it look a little rough.  I shook off any excess & then waited for it to dry. 
Once it dried, I took a nail & made a little hole in the top big enough for my rope.  I took a skinny rope & knotted it behind the anchor & then ran the rope down & through the body of the anchor.  I also ysed the clear line that I use for all of my banners & tied it into the hole so I could tie it to the tent at the party.  Below is the finished product hanging on the backdrop at the party.  Not quite as cute as my original inspiration, but it worked for the party. 

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