Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ahoy! It's a Boy! - Diaper Cake

So you probably know from my Diaper Cakes page that I love making diaper cakes.  My husband laughs at me because he says it is the most confusing named thing ever.  I could see where most men or people in general might think that, but they are so super cute for baby showers & if you have had a kid or know someone who has, you pretty much know that you need nothing more than you need it's also a great gift.  This was the finished diaper cake.  Below, I will break it down a little more.  

I absolutely loved shopping for the stuff for this diaper cake.  There was not a lot of nautical stuff in the baby stores, but there was tons on Etsy, so it was pretty easy to stick with my color scheme of red, navy & light blue.  I found this great light blue receiving blanket with the little sailboats & anchors at The Shop of Rose Etsy store.  It was great for my bottom base layer.  Check out my Diaper Cake Page right here to see how I make the insides of the diaper cakes.  For this cake, since the receiving blanket was a little larger, I followed the method I used with the bumble bee diaper cake & set the bottom tier of the cake on the blanket & folded the sides up where the excess blanket would be on top of the bottom tier, but underneath the middle tier. 

The top two tiers were burp cloths that I found on Etsy at the Nicala Bousard Designs shop.  They were so cute & pretty affordable.  I wrapped the red & white striped burp cloth around the middle tier & then wrapped the navy & white burp cloth around the top tier.  The receiving blanket above had come with two additional burp cloths, so I took the one red one with the sailboat & tucked it across the middle tier to make a focal point.
I found a few nautical bathtoys at Walmart that I stuck around the diaper cake on the top & the sides. 
I also found two super cute bibs from I think the Carter's outlet store that I used on the sides of the diaper cake.  The finishing touch was the bow that I made out of leftover ribbon from the DIY life preserver & other past projects.  I also had some leftover ribbon from the decorations on the party food table that I put around the top tier of the diaper cake. 

This is a shot of my faux set-up of the guestbook table, complete with the diaper cake & then a shot of the diaper cake at the party before the guestbook, banner & other items were added to the table.  This was definitely one of my most favorite diaper cakes to make & it helped that it was for one of my most favorite families.  : )

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